The Leveraging Genius Institute

The Leveraging Genius Institute

We are committed to leaders achieving consistent extraordinary performance.

We explore the link between thinking and performance, supported by the latest research in linguistics and neuroscience, focusing on the power of Genius in everyone.

Everyone has Genius.

Genius. It’s not something you are. It’s something you have. It’s the way your mind is working when you’re doing your best work. And when you articulate this way of working, you unlock the power to be more of a Genius more of the time. All it takes is distinguishing your particular Genius and learning to leverage it.

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Original research and insights that support leaders to be their best, develop their people and grow their organizations by Leveraging Genius.

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Global annual event for senior executives to discover, share, and maximize Genius as the untapped competitive advantage in business.

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Leveraging Genius in Business

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Leveraging Genius Conference

2016 Dates Coming Soon

Learn more about this global event for senior executives to discover, share and maximize Genius.

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