About Leveraging Genius

Genius is most often thought of as a form of rarified brilliance, reserved solely for the likes of Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh or Steve Jobs.

We are talking about something different. Genius is not limited to a few exceptional people. Everyone has Genius in them. Genius is how our mind is working when we are producing our greatest accomplishments. Since we all have accomplishments, we therefore all have Genius.

What do we mean by Genius?

Genius is a way of thinking at the heart of all extraordinary performance. In fact, it is the precise thinking we are using in the moment when we’re being our best selves. Genius can be explored, studied and maximized, giving us instant access to being our best all the time.

Why study your own Genius?

Everyone is looking for an edge in today’s increasingly unpredictable and competitive marketplace. While people are likely to perform well when the circumstances are in their favor, what’s needed is the ability to deliver higher and higher levels of performance in ANY situation.

When active, Genius can inspire new solutions and approaches that deliver explosive growth, disruptive innovation and extraordinary performance on demand in any circumstance.

How is Genius different from talents and abilities?

It is easy to see the amazing talent or abilities of a great leader. It is not so easy, however, to understand why they are so talented or have accomplished so much. Most often we think that they were born with an innate ability; we do not have access to acquiring that talent or becoming that way ourselves.

Studying Genius is different from studying talents or abilities. Genius is the thinking behind the great talent or amazing ability. While you can’t necessarily replicate someone else’s talent simply by describing it, it IS possible to study and practice another leader’s Genius to acquire those talents and abilities. And while you cannot always repeat your own accomplishments just by repeating what you have done in the past, you CAN uncover your Genius and learn to apply it again and again.

About the Leveraging
Genius Institute

We are founded on the premise that everyone has Genius, and are dedicated to advancing “Genius in everyone” for the purpose of consistent extraordinary performance. For over a decade, we have done extensive study and application of linguistics and neuroscience to explore and discover the best ways to maximize Genius in all of us.

The Leveraging Genius Institute provides research, insights, tools, and programs that support leaders to be their best, develop their people and grow their organizations to deliver exceptional outcomes.

Our multi-disciplinary research team is dedicated to studying the science behind our concept of Genius and expanding its reach and application through products, programs, and methodologies. Team members include researchers with advanced degrees in linguistics, who share the passion for all things Genius, and a dedication to bringing that knowledge to business performance and leadership.

Leadership Team


Pontish Yeramyan

Pontish Yeramyan is the Founder and CEO of Gap International and the Leveraging Genius Institute. For more than 40 years, Ms. Yeramyan has worked with CEOs of Fortune and Global 500 companies in leading major growth initiatives that change the trajectory of performance. She has created groundbreaking programs for leveraging the Genius of leaders and teams worldwide through her extensive background in linguistics and its application to business. Ms. Yeramyan received a B.A. in psychology and linguistics from Barnard College of Columbia University and an M.A. in linguistics from Michigan State University.

Cindi Cooper

Cindi Cooper

Cindi Cooper is Chief Operating Officer of Gap International and leads the delivery of the Leveraging Genius Conference and Leveraging Genius methodology. Working across all facets of the business, she is responsible for ensuring the execution of the company's strategic objectives. As a senior consultant, Ms. Cooper has worked closely with CEOs and executive teams of many Global 1000 companies to deliver breakthroughs in growth and performance. She has extensive experience consulting top leaders, executive teams, and their organizations in the pharmaceutical, retail, technology, advertising, telecommunications, and healthcare industries. Ms. Cooper completed her BFA degree from the Philadelphia College of Art as well as the Tuck Executive Program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.


Arsine Oshagan

Arsine Oshagan is Vice President of training and consultant certification for the Leveraging Genius Institute. Dr. Oshagan has been at the forefront of the creation of the structured interview process designed to distinguish and map out the Genius of business executives. She has led programs and coached executives in the communications technology and publishing industries. Dr. Oshagan has A.B. and M.A. degrees in mathematics from Mount Holyoke College and U.C.L.A., respectively and a Ph.D. in Elementary Education with a specialization in mathematics from the University of Connecticut.


Jodie-Ann Pennant

Jodie-Ann Pennant is a Director of the Leveraging Genius Institute, as well as a consultant at Gap International. She leads the team in harnessing and leveraging the best thinking of organizations to consistently achieve the highest levels of performance. As a consultant, she works with Global 1000 clients in the pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and consumer goods industries. She has been instrumental in the company’s research, development and application of Leveraging Genius. Ms. Pennant has a B.A. in linguistics from Northwestern University and an M.S. in global affairs from New York University.


Amanda Sheets

Amanda Sheets is accountable for the research behind the Leveraging Genius methodology. She studies the science behind the concept of Genius and is dedicated to expanding its reach and application. Ms. Sheets is also a consultant at Gap International, with Global 1000 clients in industries such as health care and energy. Ms. Sheets has a B.A. in psychology from Villanova University and an M.A. in linguistics from Purdue University.


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