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What is The Leveraging
Genius Conference?

Something special and brilliant happens when people bring their best thinking together, what we call their “Genius.” Every year, leaders and teams from around the world immerse themselves in this extraordinary process to discover, share, and maximize their Genius.

At our week-long conference, executives and senior leaders pinpoint the exact thinking behind their most successful outcomes—their unique Genius, their personal source code for producing remarkable accomplishments. They learn to identify and harness the power of their own and others’ Genius in a way that can be used over and over. Applying Genius to their greatest business challenges sets them up for immediate and long term benefits for years to come.

What is The Leveraging
Genius Conference?

The Leveraging Genius Conference immerses CEOs and senior executives in a disciplined process to discover their Genius—the roots of their very best performance.

The unexpected, interactive nature of this conference grounds leaders in a new approach for generating their best performance all of the time, even when the circumstances are uncertain. They learn to identify and harness the power of their own and others’ best thinking in a way that can be used over and over. They begin to apply their Genius to their greatest business challenges and leverage the Genius in their people, setting them up for years of benefit going forward.

Research Foundations

The research underpinning The Leveraging Genius Conference began with the establishment of a team of linguists who were charged with exploring the linguistic phenomenon that resulted in high performance of individuals and teams.

Today, Gap International employs a team of researchers with advanced degrees in linguistics, business, and a variety of other disciplines. The team publishes thought leadership pieces, conducts ongoing research programs and is always finding new ways to access and leverage Genius.

The History of
Our Conferences

The Leveraging Genius Conference is an expression of a commitment to bring Genius to everyone in the world. We have found that everyone has Genius—the thinking that gives top performance. At the same time, no one knows what their Genius is before they go looking for it.

Our team of researchers and consultants wondered: What would happen if you had executives from all over the world come together to discover their Genius and leverage it to address their biggest challenges?

The first Leveraging Genius Conference was launched in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland, with 40 global executives in attendance. Since then participation has grown to nearly 200 executives every year and is now held in Scottsdale, Arizona. As of 2014, people from over 150 companies have participated, many returning to the conference year after year.

Participants include CEOs and their teams, entrepreneurs, and leaders from a variety of industries. Our annual conference has become known as the place for business leaders to discover, share, and maximize Genius as the hidden competitive advantage for their business.

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How it Works

Executives discover, share, and maximize Genius in ways that have a lasting, transformational impact.


  • Discover your Genius through in-depth study of the conditions and themes behind your greatest performance
  • Harness the power of your best thinking and apply it to growing your organization and leadership
  • Distinguish the type of thinking that can inhibit your Genius from naturally coming through


  • Work closely with each other to solve your most challenging issues
  • Sharpen your ability to listen for and capitalize on the Genius of everyone around you
  • Learn to express your own Genius with others in a way that inspires consistent, exceptional performance


  • Engage in a process to activate Genius on demand, in order to be at your best everywhere, all the time
  • Explore areas of the business and your leadership where Genius is not active, and learn how to bring it to those areas
  • Practice reliably bringing new and innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems
  • Leverage Genius to engage in leading larger initiatives and outcomes for your business

The Success of Genius

Hearing the Genius of Your People to Deliver

Within a year of attending The Leveraging Genius Conference, the President and CEO of a staffing firm shifted the trajectory by hearing the Genius in her people and having them own the future of the business as their own. The firm grew an unprecedented 30% that year.

Instantly Accelerating the Delivery of a Breakthrough Goal

The national director of sales at a telecommunications company trained her team in a record breaking 3 days, surpassing their annual target by mid-year.

Genius Can Change a Whole Company

The President of one of the largest compounding pharmacies in the United States came to The Leveraging Genius Conference to tackle two key challenges – employee attrition and tight government regulations impeding growth. By exploring her Genius, she got reconnected to the difference that her work makes. She took this renewed sense of purpose back to her organization, shared it with others, and dramatically improved the work environment – exceeding her targets for employee retention as a result. She also committed to using Genius to create growth in the face of a changing regulatory environment. She learned to engage her own Genius and that of her teammates to spur innovation when they were out of ideas. Her team created brand new ways for the company to deliver revenue that same year.

Leveraging Genius to Increase Cash Flow

At the Leveraging Genius Conference, a vice president at a large utility company reconnected to her commitment to her front-line employees, and enrolled the rest of her team to do the same. This caused a major shift in their planning process and the resulting efforts and actions; they have since attributed around $150M in operating expense and cash flow to their new thinking and Genius.

Maximizing Genius to Maximize Results

In discovering his Genius, the CEO of a technology consulting company also discovered new ways to lead and be effective and inspiring to his people. The results of their annual employee engagement survey increased dramatically that year: from 40% disengaged to 0% disengaged, year over year. Almost every single question was at least a full point improvement (on a 6 point scale), and their scores exceeded the top performing service companies of their size.

Expanding Capacity and Skill Sets Through Genius

An HR director of an international healthcare group gained an entirely new set of skills and strengths at the Leveraging Genius Conference when she realized that she could take on the Genius of the others on her team when her natural tendencies were not a fit for the situation. She not only learned to maximize her natural strengths in the situations where they didn’t serve her, but also to challenge them and be able to take on others’ best thinking when they don’t.


Speak to a Gap International executive to find out more about Leveraging Genius and its impact on business results.

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